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Blackjack Forum of Arnold Snyder: Information about Journal

Blackjack Forum is a popular journal of the blackjack idol Arnold Snyder who has been publishing it since 1981; it is published online today and the purpose of this journal is to give the latest information about blackjack not only to professional players but also beginners.

The idea to create the journal of Blackjack Forum had come to Snyder after he could not find any info about blackjack which could show his vision of this game. Sure, there were a lot of different periodicals about the game of blackjack at that time, but Arnold could not find anything special there. So, using the principle “if you want to do something – do it by yourself”, Snyder decided to start publishing Blackjack Forum.

What you can find there

Blackjack Forum is Mecca for all blackjack gamblers as they can find everything connected with this card game there; professionals of blackjack were invited to write their articles at this journal where they described different topics on blackjack: card counting, strategies, bets, tips for players, math analyses etc. All this information was given to all readers for free, so it was not surprising that Blackjack Forum was (and actually is!) so popular and loved by its readers.

You can find there the articles of such blackjack gurus as Tommy Hyland, Peter Griffin, Nick Alexander and, of course, Arnold Snyder by himself! Blackjack Forum also gives everyone a chance to read the interviews of well-known blackjack gamblers: Al Francesco, Ken Uston, MIT former manager Johnny C, Tommy Hyland, Keith and Marty Taft and others.

Blackjack Forum has a big online library where everyone can find the information about all the books devoted to the game of blackjack: all famous blackjack authors are represented here together with Arnold Snyder himself.

You can register at Blackjack Forum and ask professionals about everything connected with the game of blackjack what interests you most.

Since 1999, it is also possible to find player reports at Blackjack Forum: features, conditions and rules of casinos from over 40 countries around the world are combined here. Besides, information presented there is clearly understandable for all players and all points of the game are clarified, so even if you are a game beginner, you will be able to make use of Blackjack Forum.