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Stanford Wong - Famous Gambling Books Author and Player

Stanford Wong is one of the top 7 blackjack idols who became the initial members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2003: he was honored to be its member as a very talented gambling author (Wong blackjack books are still in print), a professional blackjack player, consultant and researcher.

Stanford Wong is actually a pseudonym: the real name of this person is John Ferguson and he took his pen name from the university where John got his degree and his desire to provide “mystique of Orient” (the last name – Wong – is an Asian one).

Wong blackjack achievements

Stanford Wong is known as a creator of the first computer program for blackjack analysis which is called to be “Blackjack Analyzer”.

He is also famous for his card counting technique known as “Wong-ing”: the concept was to count the cards without taking part in the game. A player counts cards observing the game and comes in only when there is no risk to lose anything and, when the odds begin to decrease, it is a high time to quit the game; such a technique was popular and widely used in 1980s.

Stanford Wong is the author of numerous books on the topic of blackjack as well as other casino games, for example poker and craps. Actually, he developed the system of controlled dice throwing which could help everyone to beat casino craps, though this system was accepted very skeptically by critics: unlike blackjack counting where everything was possible to predict, the case with craps was just the matter of luck.

Wong has written 15 books on the topic of casino games; Professional Blackjack is considered to be one of the best guides at the game of blackjack today though it was published in 1975. Other books of this author include blackjack, poker, craps, casino tournaments etc.


Books written by Stanford Wong on the topic of blackjack:

  • Professional Blackjack
  • Blackjack Secrets
  • Basic Blackjack
  • Tournament Blackjack
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Stanford Wong’s books on the topic of other casino games:

  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Gambling Like a Pro
  • Casino Tournament Strategy
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing your T
  • Professional Video Poker
  • Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker
  • Wong on Dice
  • Tournament Craps
  • Sharp Sports Betting
  • Betting Cheap Claimers
  • Winning Without Counting

Stanford Wong today

Stanford Wong has its own publishing house Pi Yee Press in Las Vegas; he continues writing and publishing books and everyone can see him now at the televised blackjack tournaments which become more and more popular and widespread; but Wong does not play professionally anymore.

He also has his web-site on the topic of blackjack and one more site on the topic of sports gambling where everyone can find interesting information about everything connected with the world of gambling.