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Arnold Snyder - the Main Name of Blackjack Hall of Fame

Arnold Snyder is one of the 7 blackjack celebrities who became the members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2002; he is a professional blackjack player though better known as the author of many books and articles about different blackjack concepts, theories, strategies and tips.

He has been playing blackjack for 30 years already, and his achievements in the sphere of gambling are beyond any doubts today. Arnold Snyder is also an advocate for the rights of professional blackjack gamblers: he took part in the case of another well-known blackjack player Tommy Hyland as for his right to play in all casinos of Canada and the USA.

Not only blackjack but also poker was interesting for Snyder; and he had shown this interest in his 2 books devoted to this card game: Poker Tournament Formula and Poker Tournament Formula 2.

Arnold Snyder is the author of numerous books about blackjack which are widely known among all blackjack gamblers: these books describe winning strategies of blackjack and all its variations such as Spanish 21 and Blackjack Switch for example. The strategies that Snyder details in his books work whether you’re playing online blackjack, with friends or at the casino. He represents not only technically described facts but also a great sense of humor thanks to which it is so interesting and exciting to read Arnold’s books.

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The list of books written by Snyder:

  • Blackbelt in Blackjack
  • Big Book of Blackjack
  • How to Beat the Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms
  • The Poker Tournament Formula
  • The Poker Tournament Formula 2
  • The Blackjack Shuffle-Trackers Cookbook: How Players Win (And Why They Lose) With Shuffle Tracking
  • The Blackjack Formula
  • The Over/Under Report
  • Blackjack Wisdom

Since 1981, Arnold Snyder has been a publisher of Blackjack Forum, the journal for blackjack players, both professionals and beginners. He provides the information about blackjack, its famous gamblers, the latest events and interesting facts of blackjack, as well as interviews of well-known members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Today, Blackjack Forum is published online, and it has got a great popularity because of its free access and latest information about the game of blackjack.

Though he was always against different computer devices helped a player to win, Arnold Snyder had become a sponsor of PowerSim – the software for card counting simulation. He had no doubts about this software to be useful for learning rules, tools, good bets and strategies of blackjack. When you play blackjack, you are not just playing a gambling game you are making a statement about the richness of your choices. So go on, play the game of blackjack and let the world know that you value your choices and your tastes.