Blackjack Idols
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If you want to be a successful blackjack player you don’t need to know how to count cards. While Hollywood directors seem to focus on this strategy as the only way for punters to crush a casino, there are other more simple ways to profit from the game.

Of course, card counting is a tried and tested method that, when executed correctly, can help a player’s chances of success immensely. However, the process is notoriously difficult to carry out in casino conditions; indeed, even a slight mistake in your count can cause you lose more than player who usesno strategy and even doesn't knwo the rules, which is something to be wary of, even if you are only playing with your Europa casino bonus offer $10.

How to make a profit from blackjack

So, what other ways are there to make a profit from blackjack? Rather than a specific way to beat the casino, you should be focusing on a specific concept. The value of the dealer’s card is often the key to many of the decisions you’ll make at the blackjack table and if you can get to grips with this you’ll stand a much greater chance of success.

Knowing whether the dealer is strong or weak will influence whether you stand on your initial total or hit. Obviously there are certain circumstances where your move is basically determined for you (e.g. if you have a total of 19 you’ll have no choice but to stand) and the dealer’s card doesn’t matter.

However, there will be a lot of marginal situations where the strength of the dealer is crucial. For example, if a dealer is showing a 5 or 6 then you can consider standing on virtually any total above 11. The reason for this is that it’s very likely the dealer will have a starting total of 15/16 and, thus, be forced to draw (and potentially going bust).

Placing the pressure on the dealer

By standing you take the pressure off yourself and place it firmly on the dealer. Making the dealer battle with fate is a much more desirable proposition than facing it yourself. Thus, whenever you’re about to make a move at the blackjack table you should always consider the dealer’s up card. If they’re strong then you may need to hit a relatively strong total such as 17. However, if they are weak then you can happily decline your option to hit and let them ride their luck.

Understanding this concept and employing it at the table will give you a solid platform from which to base all of your blackjack decisions. Indeed, while it can be helpful to learn complicated betting systems, utilising this simple idea will help make you a winner a lot quicker.