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What Books Were Written by Edward Thorp?

Edward O. Thorp is famous in the world of blackjack being the author of books devoted to this card game; these books became bestsellers each time when they were published as they helped numerous blackjack players to become professionals and more skilled to play blackjack and win.

Thanks to Thorpe books which have changed the history of blackjack forever, Edward Thorp was honored to become one of seven initial members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame: his book Beat the Dealer had given Thorp a right to be called the father of card counting. He proved everyone that it was really possible to beat casinos out of their money by using mathematics and good memory: each player who counted the cards being dealt could easily count what cards were left in a deck.

What Thorpe books are written by now?


Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One (1962; 1966 – republished)

This book has made Thorp to become famous and even historical figure in the field of blackjack. He checked and then perfectly described the strategy of blackjack card counting: every average blackjack player could easily understand, remember and then use it during the casino game.

Beat the Dealer was the first book which described card counting system, so it can easily be called of historical value: after its publishing, card counting became very popular among all blackjack players.


Beat the Market: A Scientific Stock Market System (1967)

Edward Thorp is known not just as a blackjack player but also a hedge fund manager; this book perfectly shows this side of his personality. Being a profitable hedge fund manager, Thorp gives his advice how to beat the market and guess the prices changes.

The book consists of 14 chapters, each of which describes different aspects of the market, for example, warrants, short selling, basic systems etc.

Thorp had written this book together with Sheen Kassouf, an assistant professor of Economics, University of California at Irvine.


Elementary Probability (1977)

One more book of Edward O. Thorp which describes other side of this wonderful and many-sided man’s personality:  a talented person is talented in everything, not only at blackjack of course.


The Mathematics of Gambling (1985)

This book is not about blackjack actually. Well, it begins with blackjack, of course, but gives a very short and heavy description of this game where many details are missed. This book is not about any particular game: it is about different mathematical methods which can be used at a game.

This book will help a reader to understand a gambling theory in general: little game but much mathematics.

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