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Basic Blackjack Strategy: Way to Winning

The basic blackjack strategy is probably the most dificult still the most important thing you need to know if you want to win in blackjack. There are only three legal ways to win in blackjack: to know the strategy, to use card counting strategy and to get extremely lucky! If the second one is really hard if you are not good at math and memorizing, and the last one is not what you can rely on, the only thing you can use is a basic blackjack strategy. But again, if you are looking for a winning in blackjack you will need to know and to use all options you have got! Also, there is another useful tip you can use to win the game – to play in a casino that provides high online bonuses. Of course, this is not a way to win, but this will certainly help you to do it.

You need to remember, that except common basic strategy of the game, each blackjack variation has its own strategy which takes into consideration different game options. For each blackjack game you need to apply different strategy - remember that! For this purpose you will need to memorize basic strategy chart which will help you to make correct decisions.

Main Principals of the Basic Blackjack Strategy

Main principals of the basic blackjack strategy are not so hard for understanding and memorizing. First what you need to know is the basic rule of the game, like card values and what is blackjack. You can use them playing in top online casinos and land based as well. Ok, it is very easy, let us to refresh your memory: cards from 2 to 10 have the same value as their order number. Cards from Jack to King are 10’s. Ace can be counted as 11, if you have something from 2 to 9 points on your hands, and can be counted as 1 point if you have more than 9 points. The combination of an Ace and any ten, including all tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings will be a blackjack. A pair of Aces will be counted as 12. Always keep in your mind that if you will exceed the limit of 21 points you will lose!

Everything else in basic blackjack strategy is math and your own luck!

Some Useful Tips

There are many other tips on basic blackjack strategy and of course on advanced blackjack strategy, but first what you need to learn and master is the rules of the game! As a plus we may add that rules for the game are not always the same in each casino. For example, in some casinos dealer will stand on all 17’s, while in others dealer will hit after 17. Why is it so important? Because if the dealer stand on his\her 17 the player has a slight edge over the house, while when the dealer hits after 17 the house has the edge upon the player. It is better to play at the casinos where the dealer stands on all 17’s, especially if you are a beginner in blackjack. Use proper basic blackjack strategy according to the casino’s rules.