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Betfair’s Zero Lounge Blackjack Game

There are many different online casino sites from which to choose. Given this wide selection, it is typically the best decision to go with the sites that have the perfect reputation. Therefore, when one chooses the Betfair Casino site, they should be assured they are getting one of the best gambling experiences available. To keep their players’ interest, Betfair will often offer new products and only the best games to play. They currently feature what is known as their Zero Lounge. The games featured in this area of the casino all have no casino edge. So revolutionary is this idea and practice that no other online casino has anything like it.

Casino Blackjack Choice

Within the Zero Lounge are some of the best casino games anywhere on the internet. One game found here is the classic card favourite of Betfair Blackjack. In this offering, Betfair will pay out 2 to 1 for a natural blackjack. This would consist of an ace and any other face card. Also, Betfair pays out the same for a hand with a count of 21 made with five cards.

It is important that players play with an appropriate blackjack strategy to keep the house edge at zero. Betfair provides blackjack beginners with a three-stage Blackjack strategy to follow. This strategy information provides a handy chart that helps players determine whether or not they should hit (take another card) or stand (remain the same). Simply following these strategies you reduce the house edge lower and lower and your chances to win become unbeatable. However, by obtaining either a natural blackjack or the five-card 21, this is then further decreased to 0 and you understand what it means.

Betfair recommends that if you are new to blackjack than you first try out the recommended strategy at their bet for free blackjack games. This way the skills can be practised without any fear of losing money. Betfair’s Zero Lounge Blackjack is one of the best casino games on the internet today and you should visit this place to get the best game experience!